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PULSE Secures First Investment Ticket in Pre-Seed Round: Redefining Athlete Health & Performance

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Members of the Team PULSE Sport

Dear PULSE Community,

We are excited to share a pivotal moment in our quest to reshape Athlete Health, Performance Monitoring and Sports Management. PULSE Sport has secured the first investment ticket of its €250k pre-seed round, a significant leap forward that paves the way for game-changing innovations.

Our Vision: PULSE Redefined

At PULSE, we are driven by a vision to empower Athletes and Sports Organisations with advanced technology. Our innovative sensors and sports psychology app are designed to monitor Mental Health, Physical Health, and Team Environment. Through these insights, we aim to elevate athlete performance, nurture stronger team bonds, and reduce the risk of injuries. Athletes and Sports Organisations receive personalised recommendations, so they can have the keys in hand to make the right decisions. Learn more about our solution here.

Our unique approach offers a host of benefits:

  1. Optimized Performance: Athletes can improve their performance on and off the field. Additionally, their recovery can be up to 70% more efficient.

  2. Reduced Injuries: Injuries can be prevented, reducing risk by 40-60%.

  3. Enhanced Team Dynamics: Team cohesion can be boosted, with improved dynamics and stronger bonds, leading to 30% more game wins.

  4. Cost Reduction: With a lower injury rate and more efficient recovery, Sports Organisations can avoid high rehab costs and low return on player investment.

Powered by SportInnovator: Our Valued Partner

We are delighted to announce SportInnovator as our esteemed partner and investor. SportInnovator is the Netherlands’ leading sports innovation network, supported by ZonMw (Dutch organization for health research and healthcare innovation) and The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission of boosting top sport performance, motivating individuals to engage in sporting activities and enhancing the vitality of The Netherlands (and further).

Why We Received the Funding

Our focus perfectly aligns with SportInnovator's strategy, themes, and objectives:

  1. Top Sport Performance: Providing holistic tools for smarter and better athlete performance.

  2. Innovation Development In Sports: Implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI and muscle monitoring technology.

  3. Future Expansion Opportunities: Expanding our reach to encourage sports and a healthy lifestyle among non-professionals, and the general population.

How will the funds be used?

This initial investment enables us to:

  1. Advance Our Pilot Phases: Invest in organisation, structure, lab facilities, and materials supply.

  2. Sensor/Hardware Development: Accelerate the development of our capital-intensive sensor technology.

  3. Software Development: Continue enhancing our app and AI development.

  4. Expertise, Prospection, and Marketing: Intensify our outreach efforts to athletes and sports organizations.

A Bright Future Beckons!

This funding is just the beginning of our journey. With your support, we are set to revolutionise the world of sports technology. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and redefine what is possible in the realm of athlete health and performance.

Curious to read more? Visit the interview of PULSE with SportInnovator here.


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