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Unlocking Innovation: PULSE at the ELIS Innovation Summit 2023 🚀

On the 20th of September 2023, PULSE was honoured to be among the select innovators invited to the ELIS Innovation Summit, previously recognized as the Sports Innovation Congress. Hosted at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, this event was a convergence of pioneers, experts, and stakeholders from across Europe, each driven by a shared passion for sports, vitality, and cutting-edge innovation.

Breaking Boundaries: Forging a New Vision 💪

The overarching theme, "Crossing Borders for Sport & Vitality," resonated profoundly with PULSE. Beyond geographical borders, it symbolized breaking free from limits and reimagining athlete health and performance. PULSE sees boundaries as opportunities for innovation and growth.

Innovation & Collaboration: A Hub of Possibilities 💡

The Summit unfolded as a vibrant hub of knowledge-sharing, where PULSE immersed itself in the latest solutions and technological advancements. From revolutionary sports tech to innovations transforming public spaces and workplaces, the Summit showcased the power of innovation in promoting active living and unlocking human potential.

Building Bridges: Connecting with Industry Leaders 🤝

PULSE had the privilege of connecting with prestigious organizations such as Cluster Sports & Technology, PSV, Eindhoven University of Technology, BrabantSport, and TNO. These connections marked the beginning of promising collaborations, underscoring the true power of cooperation in making a lasting impact.

ELIS Innovation Summit: A Call to Action

More than just an event, the ELIS Innovation Summit proved to be a call to action. It stirred PULSE's commitment to reshaping athlete health and performance, fostering a renewed dedication to pioneering solutions that make a tangible difference in the sports industry.

A Glimpse into the Summit

The Summit itself offered a rich tapestry of experiences, featuring keynote speeches, knowledge sessions, and a showcase of groundbreaking innovations. The focus spanned the domains of sports, public spaces, and the workplace, underscoring the importance of collaborative solutions for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Innovation Space: A Source of Inspiration

PULSE explored the Innovation Space, a captivating display of examples and advancements in innovation and innovative companies. Practical demonstrations highlighted applications in sports, public spaces, the workplace, and the field of data science. The environment fostered interaction, networking, and the initiation of new collaborations.

Support from Renowned Organizations

Initiated and supported by renowned organizations like PSV, Eindhoven University of Technology, TNO, Cluster Sports & Technology, and more, the ELIS Innovation Summit provided a prestigious platform for PULSE to showcase its groundbreaking solutions.

PULSE's Takeaways: A Transformative Experience

For PULSE, the Summit was more than a gathering. It was an opportunity to witness groundbreaking speeches, discover innovative companies, and forge partnerships with organizations instrumental in the sports and vitality landscape. The event also served as a springboard for increasing awareness about PULSE's mission to redefine athlete health and performance monitoring.

In conclusion, the ELIS Innovation Summit was a pivotal moment for PULSE, offering not just insights and connections but a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to pioneering innovations that transcend borders.

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