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  • How does PULSE® work?
    PULSE® is a range of sportswear embedded with multiple sensors. PULSE® helps athletes—professionals or amateurs—to constantly monitor their muscles’ and nerves’ activity (before, during and after training) to detect muscle fatigue and avoid or prevent overtraining. Consequently, PULSE® helps athletes to maximise their efforts during training, in order to attain peak performance, each and every single time. The data gathered by the clothing is sent to a Mobile App, where everything is tracked, in real-time. PULSE® aims at empowering athletes from any level and give them the data and knowledge they need to make the right decision for their body & mind…and never reach burnout. To make this whole process possible, PULSE® uses mainly IoT technology and multiple sensors to monitor the activity of your muscles and nerves and detect early sign(s) of over-reaching and/or over-training. These sensors are connected to the internet/cloud, which allows you to follow up on all these data on the app.
  • What are the benefits of PULSE®?
    PULSE’s value proposition is to empower athletes of all levels to know more about their muscles and nerves and have the keys in hand to avoid any type of over-training. Overall, the value proposition can be described, in a few points, as follow: • Elegant sportswear range for all sizes and genders • Discreet wearable sensors integrated within the clothing range • Connected application allowing complete monitoring of muscles’ and nerves’ activity • Maximise efforts during training, in order to attain pick performance, each and every single time • An efficient tool for athletes to considerably reduce the probability of reaching an over-training state and the undesirable effects of it.
  • What problem does PULSE® solve?
    PULSE® aims at solving issues that most athletes (professionals or amateurs) face or will face (multiple times) during their life. This problem is OTS, or Over-Training Syndrome. It is defined as the situation that occurs when athletes train excessively, without allowing enough recovery time between sessions. In other words, when they train too much. And statistics are high: Up to 60% of competitive athletes overtrain at some point. OTS can be very harmful to both health & mental and can lead to numerous consequences, including: • Persisting fatigue • Insomnia • Muscle pain and weakness, eventually leading to injury • Irritability, anxiety and depression • A rise in resting heart rate • Dramatic drop-off in performance • Loss of appetite • Disruption in menstrual cycle • Decreasing of immune system strength (e.g. Cuts and bruises that heal slowly), etc. Most of the time, overtraining is noticed by athletes when, despite the "hard work", they perform worse instead of better. Today, the only way to avoid OTS is to follow basic "advice": eating properly, sleeping enough, taking days off, etc. Furthermore, “prevention” of OTS can be done only by monitoring “warning signs”, such as the increased occurrence of illness, constant fatigue, etc. The problem with these methods is that when such signs occur, it is already too late. Besides, there is no way for athletes to be sure to avoid such situations. And research shows the absence of validated diagnostic tests and preventative measures [1]. Overtraining is, consequently, a problem for all athletes—professionals or not. At the same time, few prevention methods are efficient for tackling this issue. ----------- [1] Kreher, J. B. (2016). Diagnosis and prevention of overtraining syndrome: an opinion on education strategies. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • To whom is PULSE® for?
    PULSE® is designed for sportpeople, whether you are a professional athlete or amateur. No matter what sport you practice, PULSE® assists you. Besides, PULSE® will be more relevant for sports involving intense training sessions with high stress-levels on muscles and nerves, such as Strenght Training/Weightlifting, long-distance Running, Cycling, Swimming, etc.
  • I am not a professional athlete, can I use PULSE®?"
    It doesn't matter. Even if PULSE® is relevant for professional athletes because they are more likely to reach over-training states (because of the higher level of stress-induced exercises and workouts), we believe everyone should have access to PULSE®. You don't have to be a professional to seek to overcome your limits and train hard. Indeed, OTS can happen even to amateurs. Research shows that non-professional athletes have as well high chances of facing OTS because of the lack of monitoring and coaching. PULSE® helps you to know your limits so you can overcome them.
  • Is PULSE® backed by science?
    Yes, but not only. PULSE® uses Science & Technology to provide you with the best possible assistance. As previously mentioned, PULSE® uses mainly IoT technology, and multiple procedures through various types of sensors. These procedures have been tested to monitor nervous systems and mental states to provide accurate understanding of what is happening within your body. PULSE® is a patented technology (pending).
  • Can PULSE® have negative effects on health?
    The procedures and sensors used by PULSE® do not have any negative effects on your health. They have been tested and used to help professional and amateur athletes maintain constant mental and physical health, not harm.
  • How much does PULSE® cost?
    PULSE® price is divided in two parts: 1- One-time purchase of the clothing range embedded with sensors (price depends on chosen items) 2- Monthly Subscription for the usage of the PULSE App® and all its functionalities. Unfortunately, for now, we do not disclose the pricing since PULSE® is not officially launched yet. Of course, prices will appear once PULSE is available. To be the first one to know when we are live, to discover our pricing and to benefit from (huge) early discounts, get into our waiting list here.
  • Where is PULSE® available? Where does it ship to?
    We ship domestically (The Netherlands), within Europe and Internationally (UK, USA, Canada, Australia). Unfortunately, for now, we do not ship in other countries. But this will change. For more information regarding shipping prices/delays and returns/refunds, please visit this page.
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