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More than that, become a PULSE ambassador!

By subscribing to our waiting list, we will give you the opportunity to be an Athlete Ambassador or Club Partner. By being one, you get access to a number of benefits:

  • Product testing

  • Discounts

  • Event access and community building

  • Product development involvement

  • Personalised support and more!

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girl squatting b&w_edited.jpg
girl squatting b&w_edited_edited.jpg
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Unlock peak performance, join all the athletes using PULSE 2.0

girl squatting b&w_edited_edited.jpg


Our final product is under development but our prototype is currently available and functioning!

This prototype does not include sensors, but only the PULSE App®.

It integrates data from existing tools (such as Apple Watch, Garmin and Fitbit) to automatically track physical health metrics.

Simultaneously, mental health tracking is done through two questionnaires filled out by the athletes themselves.

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