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Meet the PULSE Team


The members

Siwan Aberkane – Cofounder & CEO: Siwan's background in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship equips him with essential skills in finance, marketing, strategy, and planning. As a former professional football player who faced mental and physical challenges, he brings a unique perspective to athlete well-being.

Nikolai Manchev – Cofounder & CPO: Nikolai's expertise in Neurosciences and sports coaching, coupled with his personal experience as a professional tennis player, drives the integration of science with practical applications. His journey through the challenges of high-intensity training fuels his passion for PULSE.

Akshath Ram – Cofounder & CTO: Akshath's background in biomechanical and electrical engineering from TU Delft is instrumental in our technological innovations. He specializes in motion capture and sensor techniques, making him a versatile problem solver.

Tommaso Ravedoni – Software Developer: Tommaso's skills in crafting mobile and software applications, particularly in algorithmic network models and software development, reinforce PULSE's digital infrastructure.

Evelina Ravluševič – AI Specialist: With expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Sciences, Evelina actively contributes to PULSE's AI and Machine Learning advancements, aligning with our mission for innovation and excellence.

Athlete-Centric Perspectives

Our team offers a unique blend of expertise and an intimate understanding of the challenges athletes face. Siwan and Nikolai's athletic backgrounds have provided firsthand experience of the rigorous physical and mental demands on athletes. Overcoming injuries and navigating team dynamics have equipped us with empathy for athletes' struggles, driving our motivation to provide tools for sustained peak performance.

Motivation and Resilience

The PULSE team embodies values of humility, empathy, and resilience. Our athletic backgrounds instil core values of hard work and determination. Beyond our expertise, we are motivated by an unwavering commitment to drive meaningful change. We firmly believe that with personalized support and tools, athletes can overcome any obstacles. PULSE represents our mission to empower athletes, offering partners an opportunity to support our endeavour to redefine sports management and help athletes thrive, regardless of their backgrounds or barriers.

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