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Introducing PULSE®

Your Personal Training Assistant, in your hands.

Monitor your body, any time.

Know your limits to go beyond them.

Over-training is tough.


Athletes, whatever your sport, we know you want to push yourself and train hard.

Sometimes, too much is too much.

That's called Over-Training Syndrome (OTS). It refers to the chronic state of exhaustion that comes from high-intensity training without enough recovery.

OTS is not just tiredness. It's damaging: persisting fatigue, insomnia, injury/pain, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, rise in heart rate, weaker immune system, disruption in menstrual cycle... 

The worst part of that? Research shows there is an absence of validated diagnostic tests and preventative measures.

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To empower athletes of all levels to know more about their muscles and nerves, have the keys in hand to avoid any type of over-training and maximise their training  & performance.

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Know more about how you can use PULSE to maximise your progress & avoid over-training.


PULSE®  is a complete sportswear range, from top to bottom, connected to the PULSE® APP.

The clothing is embedded with sensors able to monitor muscles and nerves' activity & fatigue.

On the PULSE® APP, you can track your work capacity before, during and after training and know exactly the training amount you need and the limit you should not cross. PULSE® tracks as well your mental health with in-app features. 

Eventually, you can maximise your workload and performance, without (ever) reaching overtraining.

Know your limits so you can overcome them.

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How PULSE works

Discover how PULSE can help YOU


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